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Student fee protection

To maintain its registration a PTE must meet the requirements of NZQA's:

Student fee protection covers all payments made to a PTE by, or on behalf of, a student. If paid to a PTE, these will include:

  • fees (including course-related costs)
  • accommodation
  • living expenses.

NZQA's Student Fee Protection Rules protect the interests of domestic and international students, especially if a PTE stops offering a course in which students have enrolled (i.e. course closure).

Student fee protection options

NZQA's Student Fee Protection Rules allow a number of options to be used. These are detailed in Appendix B of the rules and include:

  • trust accounts (standard or static)
  • bank bonds
  • insurance (student-based insurance)
  • deferred payment
  • company or parent body guarantees

PTEs may use the option most suitable for their circumstances, provided NZQA gives prior approval. PTEs may also use more than one option as long as the fees of all students are covered to the satisfaction of NZQA. If the PTE's student fee protection mechanism is a trust account or bank bond, the PTE will need to use the relevant NZQA-approved trust deed.

Student fee protection supplier contacts

Below is a list of contacts for suppliers of student fee protection arrangements. NZQA has approved these suppliers but is not responsible for their products. Approval may be withdrawn if the product no longer meets the requirements of the Student Fee Protection Rules.

Student fee protection supplier contacts

Public Trust

(Trusts – Bond, Static and Standard)

Chris Moore

03 977 7905

0800 494 733


New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants

(through its members, Trusts)

New Zealand Law Society

(through its members, Trusts

Student fee protection information to students

At a minimum, students should be advised:

  • the amount of fees protected
  • the type of fee protection arrangement in place and details of the trustee if applicable
  • people or organisations to contact if their course or PTE closes
  • to attend meetings arranged for students affected by a closure
  • to consult the NZQA website.

For more information on specific issues with regard to PTE obligations regarding international student fee protection, see International student fees - specific issues.

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