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Quarterly student fee protection attestation

PTEs using a static trust, bank bond trust or insurance mechanism are required to attest, within five business days of the end of each quarter, to their student fee protection trustee with regard to their student fee protection arrangements. The trustee must then attest to NZQA about the PTE's attestation and any other relevant information in their possession.

The trustee's attestation is to be provided to NZQA no later than ten business days following the end of each quarter (being the three-month period ending on the last days of February, May, August and November).

The attestation should include the following information

  • The maximum liability amount required to be held
  • The amount held by the trustee
  • Confirmation of any drawdown requested (if applicable)
  • Confirmation of any top up required, and confirmation it has been received (if applicable)

The attestation certificates to be used are below:

PTE Quarterly Attestation (PDF, 6.6KB)

PTE Quarterly Attestation (DOC, 37KB) (Word version)

Trustee Quarterly Attestation (PDF, 12KB)

Trustee Quarterly Attestation (DOCX, 15KB) (Word version)

Reporting quarter ending Quarterly attestation due to NZQA

28. 02. yy

+ 10 business days

31. 05. yy

+ 10 business days

31. 08. yy

+ 10 business days

30. 11. yy

+ 10 business days

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