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Applying for training scheme approval

Institutions wishing to deliver a training scheme must apply to NZQA for approval unless the training scheme meets the exemption criteria.

Training schemes do not require approval from NZQA if they are less than three months in duration and meet certain criteria. For more details, see Training scheme exemptions.

Institutions may still wish to apply for training scheme approval (for example, to maintain registration or obtain government funding).

Submitting applications online

Read the Guidelines for applying for approval of a training scheme or a micro-credential. Then download and complete the Application for approval of a Training Scheme form (DOC, 92KB), ensuring that all criteria have been addressed.

Applications for training scheme approval must include:

  • Training scheme application form (link above)
  • A record of the institution’s internal approval of the training scheme
  • A self-assessment report that addresses the key evaluation questions for training schemes (not required for Category 1 organisations)
  • Details of any sub-contracting arrangements (including a copy of the sub-contracting agreement) if applicable.

All documents must be provided in PDF format.

Submit the completed application form, along with all associated documents, using the TEO application web page (see below) on the NZQA secure site.

Applicants must be a legal entity and recognised by NZQA. Those organisations automatically recognised by NZQA include: transitional industry training organisations, New Zealand Institute of Skills and Technology subsidiaries, private training establishments, wānanga, government training enterprises and universities.

Access the online application process

Accessing the online application process requires a TEO login for the online Education Sector Services. If your organisation does not have a login or sufficient access to complete the online application, contact the Ministry of Education Service Desk on 0800 422-599 or email or find the forms to apply at the ministry's Education Sector Logon page.

Obtaining a login may take a few days, so check your access before you first try to apply online.

How to submit an application online:

  1. Select the LOGIN button in the top right corner of this web page.
  2. Select the appropriate organisation type and complete your login details.
  3. Choose 'TEO Applications'.
  4. Create an application.
  5. Select 'other' (you may need to click 'more' to see 'other'). This takes you to an application overview.
  6. Click on contact details. The contact details page will be pre-populated with your organisation’s contact details. You should make any changes necessary to ensure the details are appropriate for the training scheme.
  7. On the application/request detail page complete the following fields as indicated:
    1. Name: training scheme name (Training Scheme) [the name of the training scheme followed by 'Training Scheme']
    1. Detailed description: enter the purpose of the training scheme. If you are applying for consent to assess standards concurrently, please also make a note of this in the detailed description.
  8. On the supporting documents page, attach and upload the following:
    1.   A PDF version of the application form
    2. Your organisation’s internal approval (refer to page 21 of the Guidelines) 
    3. Any other supporting documentation (e.g. sub-contracting arrangements)
  9. Submit.

An email acknowledging receipt of your application will be generated automatically and sent to you.

Apply for consent to assess

If your training scheme contains unit or achievement standards, you must have consent to assess these standards before your training scheme application can be approved. Consent to assess requires a separate application. If you need to apply for consent to assess standards, this can be done at the same time as your training scheme application. See Consent to assess for more information.

Applying for approval of changes to approved training schemes

Any changes to an approved training scheme may need NZQA approval. See Changes to training schemes for more information.

How much does an application for a training scheme cost?

NZQA charges $190 per hour (GST exclusive) for analysis of an application.

Additional costs for an external specialist may be incurred if NZQA is required to contract industry or sector experts to review an application.

Assessment of applications

Section 4 of the Guidelines sets out the evaluative methods NZQA will use in deciding whether or not to approve training schemes.

If there are any queries with an application, or if further information is required, NZQA will contact you.

Further information

For further information or questions, contact our Client Services team.

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