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Changes to training schemes

Significant changes to training schemes require NZQA approval. Significant changes include any changes to the title, level, purpose or credit value of the training scheme.

Applications for changes to an approved training scheme must include:

  • The NZQA reference number for the approved training scheme
  • A summary of the proposed changes
  • A record of the institution’s internal approval of the training scheme
  • Any other relevant documentation

 How to submit an application online:

  1. Select the LOGIN button in the top right corner of this web page.
  2. Select the appropriate organisation type and complete your login details.
  3. Choose 'TEO Applications'.
  4. Create an application.
  5. Select 'other' (you may need to click 'more' to see 'other'). This takes you to an application overview.
  6. Click on contact details. The contact details page will be pre-populated with your organisation’s contact details. You should make any changes necessary to ensure the details are appropriate for the training scheme.
  7. On the application/request detail page complete the following fields as indicated:
    1. Name: training scheme name (Training Scheme) [the name of the training scheme followed by 'Training Scheme']
    2. Detailed description: write a summary of the changes to the training scheme.
  8. On the supporting documents page, attach any required documentation and evidence in PDF format.
  9. Submit.

An email acknowledging receipt of your application will be generated automatically and sent to you.

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