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Sub-contracting and training schemes

There are specific requirements when an institution wishes to deliver a training scheme through a sub-contracting arrangement.

Notification required

Where the institution and the sub-contractor both have approval for the same training scheme in their own right, the institution must notify NZQA of the sub-contracting arrangement before the training scheme is delivered under the sub-contracting arrangement.

Send sub-contracting information to indicating which programme or training scheme is being sub-contracted.

Approval required

Where the institution has approval for a particular training scheme, but the sub-contractor does not have approval for the same training scheme in their own right, the institution must apply to NZQA for approval to engage the sub-contractor.

The Guidelines for applying for approval of a training schemes or a micro-credential provides guidance on the information required and the basis upon which approval to engage a subcontractor will be granted.

Notifying/applying for sub-contracting approval

Where the application is for a new training scheme approval, the sub-contracting details must be provided with the original application for training scheme approval.

Where the sub-contracting arrangement involves an institution’s currently approved training scheme, the institution must notify/apply to NZQA via the online application process.

Submitting applications online

NZQA will acknowledge receipt of the application via email and provide updates of progress in the assessment of the application.

  1. Select the LOGIN button in the top right corner of this web page.
  2. Select the appropriate organisation type and complete your login details.
  3. Choose 'TEO Applications'.
  4. Create an application.
  5. Select 'other' (you may need to click 'more' to see 'other'). This takes you to an application overview.
  6. Click on contact details. The contact details page will be pre-populated with your organisation’s contact details. You should make any changes necessary to ensure the details are appropriate for the training scheme.
  7. On the application/request detail page, complete the following fields as indicated:
    1. Name: training scheme name (Training Scheme)
    2. Detailed description: provide a summary of the sub-contracting arrangement. Include any NZQA reference numbers for the approved training scheme involved.
  8. On the supporting documents page, attach any required documentation and evidence in PDF format.
  9. Submit.

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