Ideas for assessing against unit standard 2781

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Note: The following table is not an assessment schedule – it indicates a range of methods and approaches that could be used to assess candidates against the elements of the unit standard.

Unit Standard 2781 (version 6)
Manage and protect data in a personal computer system

Element statementPossible assessment tools
Methods and approaches that could be used to collect evidence:

1. Demonstrate file management on a personal computer system

  • Observation of a practical activity using a checklist (performed by peer or assessor)
  • Evidence (e.g. screen dumps, disk copy, printouts) from a practical activity

2. Identify and describe common threats to data stored on a personal computer system.

  • Oral or written explanation
  • Digital presentation
  • Flow diagram
  • Models and arrows
  • Written or oral assessment
  • Written or oral report
  • Written assignment
  • Scenario activity

3. Demonstrate knowledge of data protection measures applied to data stored on a personal computer system.

  • As above

4. Demonstrate knowledge of ethical issues in relation to the management of data held in personal computer systems

  • Written and/or oral
  • Scenario activity
  • Video
  • Case studies
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