Ideas for assessing against unit standard 2788

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Note: The following table is not an assessment schedule – it indicates a range of methods and approaches that could be used to assess candidates against the elements of the unit standard.

Unit Standard 2788 (version 8)
Produce desktop published documents to meet a set brief

OutcomePossible assessment tools
Methods and approaches that could be used to collect evidence:

1. Plan simple desktop published documents from a set brief.

  • Schematic drawing
  • Brainstorm/mindmap or use of gantt chart showing milestones, resources etc.
  • Conceptual design
  • Written or oral description

2. Produce the documents

  • Practical activity

3. Evaluate and print the documents

  • Annotated drafts
  • Check lists completed by student
  • Written or oral reflection
  • Printout of the final documents.

Any standard that follows the “plan, create, evaluate” pattern (e.g., 18740) may use similar assessment tools as this unit standard.

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