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Spreadsheet unit standards: Comparison of requirements across levels

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Level 1 2 3
Credit 2 3 5
Brief Supplied Supplied Yes
Plan Not Required Yes Yes
Data is entered Labels and values Yes Yes
Data is formatted In accordance with instructions given Column width, alignment, text and number formats Column width, alignment, text, number formats
Formulae are used +. -, *, /, sum +. -, *, /, sum, average, maximum Statistical, financial and logical functions, time and date calculations, sorting and absolute cell referencing
Templates are created, used and documented Not required Not required Yes
Spreadsheet is manipulated Not required New variables are entered and or formulae amended Implied
Macros are created, used and documented Not required Not required Yes
Graphs are created to meet specifications Two required Two required At least two required
Data integrity practices are demonstrated - comparison with original information, audited formulae and check totals Not required Comparison with sources Yes
Evaluation – for compliance with the brief, formatting, readability, legibility, presentation, accuracy and data integrity Must meet specified outcome Must meet specified outcome Yes
Modification – compliance with brief is confirmed Not required Implied Yes
User document created Not required Not required Yes
Spreadsheet is printed Yes Yes Yes

Database unit standards: Comparison of requirements across levels

Level 2 3 4
Credit 3 6 8
Brief Supplied Required No
Plan required Yes Yes No
Design required Outline Outline Yes
Number of tables 1 (flatfile*) 1 3 (relational)
Fields required Text and Number only Text, numbers, statistics, times or dates, boolean and financial data As necessary eg (text, numeric, currency, memorandum, date/time, autonumber, yes/no)
Form required No No Yes
Select queries Yes Yes Unspecified, must access multiple tables
Update queries No No Not specified, but must update data to multiple tables
Sorting required Alphabetic/numeric Implied Yes
Reports required No One Two from multiple tables
Headings on reports No Required Required
Grouping on reports No Required Yes
Summaries on reports No Sub-Totals Yes
Boolean functions Not Required Yes Yes - from multiple tables
Calculated results Not Required Not Required Required
Evaluation Compliance with the brief, accuracy, readability, , presentation, and data integrity Compliance with the brief, accuracy, readability, legibility, presentation, and data integrity, solves the problem Meets both design and organisational requirements.
Evaluation report Not Required Not Required Required - Strengths, limitations and improvements for future developments are identified
End-User Document Not Required Required Required

See also related standard 18756 Use and maintain a computer database for business reporting and decision making, Level 3, Credit 4

(*) This may be substituted for hierarchial, relational, network or a combination of models.

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