Making an application

All applications for derived grades are made through your school.

The application process

  • Contact your school’s Principal’s Nominee, as soon as possible, to seek advice on the process and  notify them that you want to apply for a derived grade
  • Collect a derived grade application form from the school or download a derived grade application form (DOC, 191KB)
  • Complete the information requested including:
    • getting your doctor, counsellor, relevant professional or agency to fill in their part of the application form OR
    • providing evidence of the event e.g. order of service or funeral notice
  • Hand the completed application to the school’s Principal's Nominee as soon as completed but by the due date on the application form.

Candidates can choose not to apply for a derived grade for a standard where a Not Achieved grade will be reported. The school will be able to advise candidates if a valid grade is available and what that grade is.

When do I apply?

Applications with all supporting documentation should be made as soon as possible. Candidates should not wait until the end of examinations as NZQA may need to contact the school or candidate for more information to support the application.

Where a candidate’s application is approved, the derived grade(s) will appear on the results notice when these are released in January. They won't be labelled as derived grades. Where a candidate sits an examination, the grade reported will be the better of the derived grade provided by the school, or the one the candidate achieved in the external assessment

Derived grade applications can be declined

NZQA reserves the right to decline derived grade applications that do not meet the eligibility criteria. The candidate and Principal’s Nominee are informed in writing of a declined decision.

A declined decision can be appealed. The process to appeal a declined decision is provided in the notification to the candidate that their application is declined.

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