Common questions on eligibility criteria

Death of a relative or close friend e.g. grandparent or cousin  

The nature of a candidate’s relationship with the deceased and their ability and willingness to attend an examination(s) are variables to be considered in the extent of the application. Applications covering  more than one week of the examinations need to be supported by ongoing evidence of clinical care and/or monitoring from a registered health professional. 

Anxiety and stress problems

Examinations can cause stress and anxiety. Stress and anxiety problems cannot be approved, even with medical evidence, unless there is a significant deterioration of a previously managed condition or it arises from a significant non-examination related traumatic event at the time of, or immediately (within a week) prior to the examination.

Portfolio based subjects

Candidates who suffer, after 1 October, a temporary impairment or non-permanent disability, including a physical injury or an emotional trauma, which has impaired the candidate’s preparation for the submission can apply for a derived grade for the following portfolio submissions:

  • Level 1, 2 and 3 Design and Visual Communication
  • Level 3 Education for Sustainability
  • Level 1, 2 and 3 Technology
  • Level 3 Visual Arts

Injuries to an arm or hand prior to a candidate’s examination

Where the injury occurs:

  • after 1 October the candidate should apply for a derived grade
  • prior to 1 October must be managed through Special Assessment Conditions. A derived grade is not available.   

The following situations do not meet derived grade guidelines

A candidate:

  • arrives at the wrong time for the examination session or arrived late (after 30 minutes) and cannot enter.
  • misses examination because the school made an error in the entry.
  • loses equipment/admission slip etc and becomes stressed before the examination.
  • has transport problems (ran out of petrol) and is late for the examination.

These are avoidable circumstances that are within candidate’s control/responsibility and schools should have procedures to check entries and provide replacement admission slips.

A candidate:

  • is required to work or look after children so cannot study
  • breaks up with girlfriend or boyfriend.
  • participates by choice, in an event that coincides with examination preparation or NZQA examinations, for example a family holiday or a personal commitment such as attending an interview, religious festival, visit overseas family or an examination for another organisation,.

These are family related matters and personal commitments or pursuits and so do not meet derived grade guidelines

A candidate loses some or all data or material related to an examination portfolio before the submission of the examination portfolio.

This applies to Design and Visual Communication, Technology, Level 3 Visual Arts and Level 3 Education for Sustainability only. Candidates and schools need to take responsibility for safeguarding all material that may be submitted as a part of an examination report or portfolio, including backup of electronic material. 

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