Roles within the application process

WhoWhat they need to do

Is the applicant. They or their parent are required to sign the application form.

Provide documentary evidence to support their application.

Ensure their application and supporting evidence is handed to Principal's Nominee by the due date.


Provide accurate advice to candidates and caregivers on the derived grade process and eligibility criteria.

Use NZQA eligibility criteria to support or not support an application.

Make the application on behalf of the candidate using the NZQA online process, whether they support the application or not.

Ensure the candidate or parent signs the application.

Ensure only assessments falling within the dates identified by the medical practitioner or independent professional or as pre-approved are applied for.

Collect application material and submit it by due date.

Submit grades based on authentic, standard-specific evidence that have been quality assured.

Collect and supply, in a timely manner, additional information to support applications if requested by NZQA.

Hold application material for 12 months for audit purposes or to provide to NZQA on request.

NZQA Derived Grade Team

Consider all applications including information supplied by the candidate and school against the derived grade eligibility criteria.

Inform candidates and Principal's Nominee where an application is declined and their right of appeal.

NZQA Derived Grade Appeal Team

Manage the appeal process

Inform candidates and Principal's Nominee if appeal is upheld or declined and their right to seek a review of the decision by the Chief Executive.

Chief Executive Review

Manage the review process.

Inform candidates and Principal's Nominee if the review is upheld or declined.

Decision is final.

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