Computer use in Exams

Computer use in paper-based exams

Computers are used in paper-based exams where a:

  • supervisor plays DVDs in Drama, Languages, Music, Te Reo Māori or Te Reo Rangatira exams
  • NZ Scholarship exam requires the burning of a CD (Drama, Languages, Te Reo Māori or Te Reo Rangatira)
  • candidate has been approved computer use entitlement as a special assessment condition.

Before external exams, candidates and Principal's Nominees should read the information on their respective responsibilities for using a computer.

At the end of all examinations, Principal's Nominees must:

  • complete the Use of a Computer in Examinations form
  • arrange for a backup copy of each candidates work to be made as soon as the exam has finished and store this backup securely until 31 March of the year following the exam
  • arrange for the deletion of every candidate's work from the device or network used as soon as backups have been made.

Whenever computers are in use for exams, the Principals’ Nominee should ensure that staff providing this resource or technical support are:

  • briefed about specific requirements for the exam period, including when and where the exams are being held
  • timetabled to provide technical support during relevant exam sessions, especially for the recording/burning of CDs for NZ Scholarship exams
  • aware that when they are timetabled they are to be on site and readily contactable
  • have ensured printers are well-stocked with paper and replacement ink and/or toner cartridges are available on site.

Computer use in digital exams

Before external digital exams, Principal's Nominees and candidates should read the information on exam requirements and their respective responsibilities.

Information for students can be found on the student exam hub.

Information for Principal's Nominees and technical support can be found on the Getting ready for digital exams page. 


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