Managing National Assessment (MNA) reviews

NZQA reviews the assessment systems of secondary schools at least once every four years to:

The MNA review is a partnership between the school and NZQA. It looks for evidence to answer the question How effectively does your school ensure the credibility of assessment for national qualifications? (PDF, 202KB)

Evidence is sought in four areas of school practice:

  • moderation
  • assessment practice
  • data
  • communication.

It includes:

  • school self evaluation
  • the school’s documentation on assessment policy and procedures
  • interviews with school managers, teachers and students
  • data and statistics
  • audits of the school’s systems for special assessment conditions, derived grades and examination centre management.

The school prepares for the MNA review, and provides some evidence to NZQA beforehand.

After the visit a report is written. Once it is finalised, NZQA makes this report publicly available on its website. Should the report identify significant issues, NZQA will work in partnership with the school to resolve these with an action plan.

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