Data submission to NZQA

Methods for submission of data to NZQA

There are two methods for data file submission of entries and results to NZQA

a. Web entries

This is used by schools with relatively few candidates participating in the NZQF that are able to enter data for individual candidates online. A Web Entries User Guide can be found under Data File Submission or Web Entries in the Provider Login.

 The 'Lock Web Entries' button will send the data to the NZQA Data team. 

b. SMS File submission

A data file  is generated using the schools' Student Management System (SMS). Maintenance of the SMS is the responsibility of the vendor. An SMS User Guide for information on File Submission can be found under Data File Submission in the Provider Login.

Data file submissions

Once your file is submitted to NZQA it is allocated a unique batch number. Each batch updates the previous file so you should check 3-5 days after each data submission that any changes you expected appear on the website.  if you are using an SMS you can check the data submitted using Windows Notepad or similar to verify that your software is exporting entries as you expect. The file will be named nceaxxxxx.xml, where xxxxx is your school provider code.

A list of Warning and Error Message Details can be found in the SMS User Guide.

Frequency of Data submissions

Schools are required to submit entries and results, at least as frequently as indicated on the Key Dates for National Secondary Qualifications calendar, but are not limited to the number of files that can be submitted. A minimium of one file is to be sent by the first of each month starting from April however you may choose to send files more frequently in order to keep your data with NZQA as current as possible.

No data for the current year can be sent before April as NZQA is still processing data from the previous year.

The following files are used by NZQA to administer the external examination:

1 August file is used as a guide to calculate how many papers need to be printed. Applications for Special Assessment Conditions will be reviewed based on candidates' entries in this file.

1 September file is used to personalise the examination papers for candidates. This allows the barcodes to be scanned for security and tracking.

No more data file submissions are possible after early December and Data submission facitlities are closed after this time.  

Data Accuracy and Checks 

Batch Information

After each submission the Batch Information must be checked. As each data submission is processed any errors or alerts will show in the Data File Submission page in the Provider Login.  The details of any errors can be viewed by clicking on the batch number link.

A description of errors and warnings can be seen in the Web Entries User Guide or the SMS Entries User Guide.


Errors will not be accepted by NZQA and will not appear in the website data.  They need to be investigated and if possible resolved before the next submission.

The NZQA Data team will contact you if they cannot process your data file because of critical errors.


Warnings need to be checked to see whether the data is correct. Once checked, Warnings will continue to appear but may be ignored.

In the Report Facility under the Provider Login you will find some summaries that should be used for checking the data submitted. The “Count by Subject” report in the Provider Login provides an initial check that the correct number of entries have been made.

Standards file 

NZQA supplies an updated standards file to SMS vendors every month. The SMS vendor makes this file available to schools. This file contains the latest version of all standards on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework.

The standards file in the SMS should not be confused with your school's Consent to Assess file. You should download your Consent to Assess file from 'File Downloads' in your Provider Login on the NZQA website.

You can only report results outside your Consent to Assess using another providers' code with their agreement. The key indicator list will highlight any entries reported that do not have the appropriate Consent to Assess. These results will not count towards the candidates' Record of Achievement or inclusion for NCEA qualifications until a provider code with Consent to Assess is selected.

The Report Facility under the Provider Login should be used for checking the data submitted.

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