Myth # 4: Resubmission

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  • "A resubmission must be offered to all students."

  • "I can show students what they should fix up."

  • "I can offer multiple resubmission opportunities."

  • "A student cannot be awarded anything higher than Achieved for a resubmission."

  • "All students should be given 30 minutes to complete their resubmission."


  • A resubmission:
    • can only be offered to individual students to identify or correct a minor error preventing the award of a higher grade
    • must take place as soon as possible after the assessment has been completed
    • can only be offered where the teacher judges the student should be capable of discovering and correcting the minor errors themselves in a short period of time
    • can be offered after either the first or the one further assessment opportunity.
  • If there are a lot of changes to be made, or they are significant, it is not a resubmission.
  • Teachers must only give general feedback and must take care not to over-direct the students. They must ensure that students’ work is authentic.
  • Only one resubmission can be provided per assessment event.
  • Further teaching and specific feedback cannot occur between the final submission date and the resubmission.
  • A student must have access to any grade after a resubmission (Not achieved, Achieved, Merit and Excellence).
  • The amount of time provided for a resubmission depends on the nature of the assessment and how authenticity can be assured.
  • Resubmission rules for Industry Training Organisation owned unit standards may differ. You must follow the rules of the standard setting body.

More Information

Assessment opportunities

Some other things to think about

  • In managing resubmissions, all students need to be treated equitably.
  • Teachers should use professional judgement to decide on a reasonable timeframe, bearing in mind that no further teaching or learning can take place prior to a submission.
  • If the evidence is gathered by portfolio, or over an extended period, the use of checkpoints and feedback/feedforward will usually remove the need for a resubmission.
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