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Special assessment conditions - annual needs analysis

  1. Schools each year conduct a needs analysis to determine whether:
    1. the candidate continues to need previously approved entitlements
    2. modifications to the entitlements are required
    3. changes should be made to the number and nature of standards to be assessed.
  2. When conducting a needs analysis, you could consider:
    1. the results of recent testing. This is required for all new or updated SAC applications. They may be from a student’s recent report or from tests carried out by teachers, and show present levels of ability.
    2. written comments from teachers/parents/assessment assistant. How well does the student work with a reader and/or writer? How well does the student achieve with the use of the SAC provided?
    3. assistance used in class.
    4. SAC use in internal assessments.
    5. SAC use in exams: the ECM provides Examination Assistants' feedback on the use candidates made of their SAC. Refer to this when analysing NCEA examination results and reconsider the appropriateness of continuing to offer these where, for example, the student doesn’t achieve, doesn’t use the SAC entitlement, doesn’t attempt all the papers, or passes everything without using Extra Time.
    6. student interviews. Are there amendments that the student wants to make - for example, would Extra Time adequately replace the Reader and/or Writer assistance? Would the student prefer a computer to a writer?
    7. re-reading any independent assessor's report and checking whether:
      1. all the recommendations have been trialled at home or at school; and
      2. the recommendations suggested have ameliorated the difficulty or disorder.
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