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Special Assessment Conditions - Information for Registered Professionals

What form should the evidence take?

You may be currently treating a young person whose condition or disability may pose a barrier to fair assessment. NZQA provides special assessment conditions to address the functional impact of these conditions or disabilities on a candidate's ability to be fairly assessed.

  1. For Sensory (vision, hearing), Physical or Medical applications schools should have on file a report diagnosing the disability, wherever possible.
    • This may be waived for long term permanent disabilities such as cerebral palsy, Type 1 diabetes, blindness etc. where the original documentation is unavailable.
    • New reports by appropriate health professionals should be as recent as possible, specify the disability and if possible state which Special Assessment Condition(s) could ameliorate it.
    • Reports for Sensory applications may be held at the Blind and Low Vision Education network (BLENNZ), and Kelston Deaf Education Centre or Van Asch Deaf Education Centre. Where a student is or has been assisted by them these names should be written on the application as Report name #1 and the qualifying specialist (if available) as Report name #2.
  2. For Learning applications any report commissioned for a Special Assessment Conditions application to NZQA must result from standardised cognitive and academic testing. Tests must be administered and scored in accordance with the relevant examiner’s manual.
    Either of two forms summarising the results of the testing may be completed and provided along with the report to the school for them to apply online to NZQA:
    • the Special Assessment Conditions Declaration (PDF, 1.6MB) form is a declaration by an educational psychologist, SPELD assessor or Level C assessor that a full assessment has been completed for this student, a report prepared and recommendations made with regards to Special Assessment Conditions (SAC) for NCEA internal and external assessments, using DSM-5 diagnostic criteria,
    • the SAC Data Summary Sheet for Assessors and Schools (DOC, 171KB) form. This lists the data required for the online SAC application made by the school. Assessors are requested to complete sections 7 to 11, as relevant, using the results of their psychometric testing.
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