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Special Assessment Conditions - Information for Registered Professionals

Who may provide evidence in support of a student's SAC needs?

There are two types of application, as defined by the Rules:

  1. School-based testing
    1. SENCOs and other Learning Support staff and RTLB collect appropriate documented evidence from school-based testing for use of Special Assessment Conditions from the Candidate’s time at secondary school.
    2. School Evidence applications are only for the category of Learning disorders, supported by school screening, testing and trialling to determine appropriate assistance.
    3. School applications may be based upon the historical findings of a registered professional, with the school requesting continuation of assistance by showing current need.
  2. All other applications may be supported by a report from an independent registered professional that recommends special assessment conditions to address the Candidate’s specified assessment needs and:
    1. the report should be no more than four years old for a specific learning disorder (SLD), or for sensory, physical and medical conditions the report should date from the most recent specialist visit;
    2. the report should be completed in time for the start of the first year of assessment for qualifications; and
    3. the assessment must be based on the residual functional impact of the Candidate’s disability.
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