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How are entitlements attached to examination sessions?

  1. Candidates who have an entitlement and are entered for external exams in November/December will be visible in the Special Assessment Exams Processing link from I July. Read the User Guide there for detailed instructions to how to attach entitlements.
    Note: The MathsCAT is assessed prior to November and students may use their SAC entitlements for this.
  2. Prior to attaching entitlements:
    1. Remind teachers of candidates entitled to SAC that final entries into externally assessed standards including Scholarship are due in the 1 August file.
    2. Download the Excel spreadsheet that lists each SAC candidate’s external standards entries from the Exams Processing link.
    3. Check the list against your online Submitted Applications list, and check that teachers have made entries for external achievement standards and Scholarship where applicable for each candidate.
    4. Confirm with each candidate which of their entitled SAC is available for each examination session, and, where there is a choice such as Computer/Writer, which one they would prefer to use (e.g. a candidate may prefer a writer for one subject but a computer for the rest) so that appropriate applications can be made for each external assessment session. Refer to the Special List of Examination Sessions (PDF, 14KB) (PDF, 14KB) and exclusions list as you do this, as a Computer/Writer may be swapped for Extra Time for some subjects, such as Mathematics where using a computer or dictating to a Writer might be problematic. Remember to include Scholarship exams.
    5. If a student opts to not use all or part of their entitlement for any or all sessions, they are to sign statements to that effect so that the Exam Centre Manager can be sure of their planning.
    6. Make the on-line entries for SAC in High Security on the Special Assessment Exams Processing page. Consult the User Guide to assist with the process and to resolve any issues.
    7. Schools must review and confirm all requests for SAC for external assessments made online before the facility is closed on a date in late August for the personalisation of papers (see Key Dates for the current year).
    8. Enquiries to
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