Tonight we are undertaking some important system updates necessary to support our NCEA results reporting for schools Published at 3.28pm on 16 January

The update will take place for up to four hours from 10pm on Wednesday 16 January.

Access to our Learner Login pages will be unavailable during this time, including access to the NCEA results.

We have scheduled this brief but necessary outage at this time in order to minimise any inconvenience to students.

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Why are some standards excluded from SAC?

  1. Although a candidate may be entitled to SAC, these might not be available for each standard entered, as schools must first ensure the validity of assessment, taking into account the relevant explanatory notes and any standards for which Special Assessment Conditions are specifically excluded.
  2. SAC must not be offered where:
    1. the integrity of the assessment may be compromised
    2. they compromise the assessment objectives of the standard in question
    3. the special assessment condition will provide unfair advantage over other candidates.
  3. For example:
    1. It is inappropriate to offer a Writer:
      1. when the assessment requires candidates to:
        1. draw graphs or models (as in Mathematics, Geography, Statistics, Physics etc.)
        2. write in a foreign language
        3. show an independent command of the skill being assessed (e.g. drawing in Visual Arts or technology [including DVC], drawing maps in Geography, writing musical notes etc.)
      2. when, while not an exclusion, dictation is problematic, such as for equations (e.g. as in Mathematics, Calculus, Statistics, Physics). Note that, in situations like this, Extra Time can be allowed for any candidate approved for Computer/Writer but not already approved for Extra Time.
    2. However, a Writer may label a diagram, map etc. as instructed by the candidate. Where computer use is not excluded for a written examination, only word processing software should be used. Spell check software is allowed, except where otherwise specified.
    3. Similarly, it is inappropriate to offer a Reader when the assessment requires candidates to read (and comprehend) independently (as in reo Māori or a foreign language).
    4. However, a Reader may read the instructions and all words in English in any languages examination.
    5. Where a standard excludes the use of a Reader, the exclusion also covers any technology that reads text.
  4. Candidates:
    1. need to be aware when they are choosing a course that they may not be able to demonstrate attainment in all standards assessed in that course (e.g. a deaf candidate would not be able to achieve a listening standard or a colour blind student may not be able to read the maps in a Geography paper).
    2. should not be entered for standards requiring skills to be demonstrated that are beyond their physical or learning capacity (e.g. a physically disabled candidate may not be able to achieve some performance-based standards in Physical Education).
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