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Special Assessment Conditions – information for parents and caregivers

How is an application made, and what happens then?

  1. Your child completes a Student Application for entitlement to Special Assessment Conditions (DOC, 46KB) or Student Application for entitlement to Special Assessment Conditions (Te Reo Maori) (DOC, 51KB) form for the school. 
  2. For most First Time applications to NZQA the school applies online through a very secure portal from October through to the end of Term 1, providing data and other information showing the need for the SACs requested. However, long term sensory, physical or medical disabilities may occur at any time of the year through accidents or deterioration of an existing condition, and schools can apply then upon notifying NZQA of the need.
  3. NZQA assessors may approve or amend or decline all or any of the SACs requested for your child on the basis of the information provided. Approval means they are entitled to use the SAC for internal and external (exams) assessment for that year. A SAC may be declined when:
    • another approved SAC fulfils the need, or
    • the data provided does not show the need, or
    • the SAC requested would confer an advantage to the applicant.
  4. The school will notify you of the result of the application, and can provide you with information on how you can assist your child at home. Declined SACs may be appealed by the school if more information can be provided to support reconsideration.
  5. Encourage your child to discuss their need for help with their subject teachers. Any reader or writer assistance time will need to be time-tabled with the person assigned. Parents and other people close to your child cannot act as a Reader or Writer for NCEA assessments. See Role of the reader and writer.
  6. During the year students might not always use their Special Assessment Conditions for assessments. Many internal assessments are long term projects or they may be mainly practical. 
  7. In July the school begins attaching SAC entitlements to the external exam sessions at the end of the year. Your child will be asked their preferences per subject from their entitled SACs for the exams they are entered in, e.g. computer for English, writer for Science, extra time for Maths.
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