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Special Assessment Conditions – information for parents and caregivers

Who can you talk to at the school?

  1. SAC may be discussed at an enrolment interview and contacts set up for you, or there are various people you can talk to who will direct you to the person responsible:
    • the school office
    • your child’s Form Teacher
    • the year level Dean
    • the Head of Learning Support
    • the Special Education Needs Coordinator
    • the school Guidance Counsellor
    • the school Nurse
    • the Deputy Principal or Principal’s Nominee
  2. The contact person will ask you for background information and any reports you may already have. The learning support team will want to know about diagnoses, treatments or remedial actions that may have taken place already. Fill in the form Student SAC historical record (DOCX, 14KB) or Student SAC historical record (Te Reo Maori) (DOCX, 15KB) and take or email it to school at enrolment time or to the person identified later who will be working out a plan for your child.
  3. Take copies of any medical reports or learning assessments that you have to the school for their file of professional diagnoses, or email a PDF copy to the school.
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