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Do SAC submissions need to be renewed each year?

New submissions for SAC do not have to be made in subsequent years for approval by NZQA. SAC entitlements are approved for the full period that a student is at school while the need remains.

At the start of each new year, the school conducts a needs analysis to determine whether the current SAC entitlements remain appropriate. If they are, then the school rolls the SAC entitlements over so that they can be used by the student in the new year.

If a change to SAC entitlements is required, this request is submitted to NZQA who will assess the new request and either approve or decline it. Declined applications can be reviewed.

The student can opt to decline the ongoing SAC entitlement. In this case, the school will not roll the entitlement over into the new year.

If a student transfers schools, inform the new school at enrolment that the student has a SAC entitlement. The school will then ask NZQA to transfer the SAC entitlement to the new school’s SAC list. No new submission to NZQA is required in this case. 

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