NZDipBus moderation appeals

Tertiary education organisations (TEOs) delivering the New Zealand Diploma in Business may disagree with the national external moderation decisions. It is recommended that TEOs first contact Tertiary Assessment and Moderation to clarify the moderator's comments and the moderation decisions before formally appealing.

If TEOs still have serious concerns, they may decide to appeal the moderation decision.

To appeal a moderation decision, TEOs must send their specific concerns to NZQA, unless specified otherwise. This must be completed within four weeks of the date on the moderation report.

The documents to send are:

  • a completed NZDipBus moderation appeal cover sheet
  • a copy of the moderation report
  • reasons for appealing the moderation decision
  • detailed evidence from the moderation submission (i.e. the assessment materials originally submitted for moderation) must be included where comments within the moderation report are being appealed.

Moderation appeals must be sent to the Operational Support Officer, NZDipBus,

Tertiary Assessment and Moderation will send the TEO a report of the result of the appeal, and a new moderation report if appropriate, within 30 working days of NZQA receiving the appeal documents.

The result of an appeal is final.

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