Assessment Plans

Assessment Plans are developed annually by educational providers. These contribute directly to the organisation’s NZQA Moderation Plan. Access to the Assessment Plan is through the External Moderation Application.

Tertiary Education Organisations

For each Tertiary Education Organisation the Assessment Plan lists the NZQA-managed standards they have consent to assess. Each Tertiary Education Organisation must indicate on their Assessment Plan which standards they will assess in the next academic year, and when the assessment materials will be available for moderation.

Secondary Schools

Suggesting specific standards for external moderation schools can enhance the benefits of moderator feedback. Schools should indicate in the plan suggestions for standards they would like to have moderated in the next moderation cycle. NZQA will endeavour include all suggestions, where possible, in the Moderation Plan. Where no Assessment Plan is submitted by a school, NZQA will select all the standards for the Moderation Plan.

Who can access the Assessment Plan

Only High Security Users have the Moderation Authoriser role that allows them to access, write to and submit an Assessment Plan.

Which standards can a school request?

Schools can use the systems and standards displayed in the plan to request any NZQA-managed standard they have reported results for in the current or previous year. The comments box should be used to request a standard where results have not been reported in these years. Once results for these standards are reported to NZQA the school will need to contact their School Relationship Manager to have the standard added to their Moderation Plan.

Training and support material

The Guide to the NZQA External Moderation Application for Schools and TEOs (PDF, 3.9MB) provides support material and useful tips on how to access and use the External Moderation Application to develop an Assessment Plan.

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