QRGs and FAQs

Quick Reference Guides

QRG 1 (PDF, 200KB) - A flowchart showing the moderation workflow for a standard

QRG 2 (DOCX, 304KB)- Access the external moderation application

  • Log in to the external moderation application
  • Navigate the external moderation application
  • Gain access for new users
  • Manage notification

QRG 3 (DOCX, 787KB) - Submit an assessment plan

  • Complete and submit an assessment plan
  • Select standards
  • Search and filter standards
  • Submit a Nil Assessment Plan

QRG 4 (DOCX, 817KB) - View, Print & Customise Moderation Plan or History Views

  • Menu options
  • Customise the plan view
  • Print a plan
  • Export a plan or Historical Summary Data

QRG 5 (DOCX, 368KB) - Submit material for moderation

  • Create a submission for a standard
  • Enter learner grades and upload materials
  • Submit standards for moderation

QRG 6 (DOCX, 782KB) - View or query a moderation report

  • View moderation reports
  • Print (download) a moderation report
  • Query a moderation report

QRG 7 (DOCX, 571KB) - Appeal a moderation report

  • Prepare an appeal
  • Submit an appeal

QRG 8 (DOCX, 85KB) - Digital Submission Tips: Cloud Files, File Types & Sizes

  • Submitting a link (url)
  • Managing files stored in the Cloud or on YouTube
  • Files sizes and types
  • Managing video files

QRG 9 (DOCX, 791KB) - Browser and Application issues

  • Supported browsers
  • Clear browser history
  • Errors and Error messages

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ 1 (PDF, 120KB)

  • Logging in
  • Using the application
  • Notifications
  • Submitting an assessment plan
  • Submitting material for moderation

FAQ 2 (PDF, 315KB)

  • Viewing the moderation plan
  • What do the moderation plan statuses mean?
  • Attaching and viewing documents
  • Viewing moderation reports
  • User access
  • Useful links

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