The steps in assuring national consistency of graduate outcomes

Qualification development Determine evidence required with all stakeholders during qualification development
Programme development Each tertiary education organisation (TEO) includes in their programme how they intend to meet the evidence requirements for demonstrating consistency of their graduates
Schedule of consistency reviews
NZQA discusses with qualification developers the selection of the qualifications, timing and arrangements for the review
NZQA appoints reviewer
Consistency review
TEOs submit a report 10 working days before the review, prepared using evidence from their self-assessment, to
Each TEO is rated in relation to the evaluation question and a decision is reached if the quality of the evidence is:
  • sufficient
  • not sufficient.
The consistency reviewer reaches a decision on the qualification based on the results of participating TEOs and reports if consistency of the graduate outcomes is:
  • confirmed
  • not confirmed.

24 May 2016

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