Code of Practice resources available in different languages

For signatories who have, or are trying to recruit, international students from specific countries, NZQA has published resources on the Code of Practice in several languages.

These are the Code of Practice itself and a pamphlet that summarises the Code and provides important information for international students and their families.

LanguageCode of PracticeSummary pamphlet
English Code of Practice - English Summary pamphlet - English
Arabic Code of Practice - Arabic (PDF, 762KB) Summary pamphlet - Arabic (PDF, 406KB)
Chinese (Simplified) Code of Practice - Chinese (PDF, 946KB) Summary pamphlet - Chinese (PDF, 524KB)
German Code of Practice - German (PDF, 738KB) Summary pamphlet - German (PDF, 386KB)
Hindi Code of Practice - Hindi (PDF, 816KB) Summary pamphlet - Hindi (PDF, 419KB)
Japanese Code of Practice - Japanese (PDF, 932KB) Summary pamphlet - Japanese (PDF, 468KB)
Korean Code of Practice - Korean (PDF, 810KB) Summary pamphlet - Korean (PDF, 486KB)
Portuguese Code of Practice - Portuguese (PDF, 758KB) Summary pamphlet - Portuguese (PDF, 381KB)
Spanish Code of Practice - Spanish (PDF, 705KB) Summary pamphlet - Spanish (PDF, 381KB)
Thai Code of Practice - Thai (PDF, 741KB) (PDF, 705KB) Summary pamphlet - Thai (PDF, 379KB) (PDF, 381KB)
Vietnamese Code of Practice - Vietnamese (PDF, 694KB) Summary pamphlet - Vietnamese (PDF, 366KB)

How to construct the hard copy resource

Both pdfs are designed to be printed out in colour on both sides of the paper:

  • Code of Practice – print on A4 paper in portrait. Fasten the pages together if desired.
  • Summary pamphlet – print on A4 paper in landscape. Fold it in half to make an A5 brochure.


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