The 2016 Code of Practice

Any group or person involved in international education in New Zealand may find this resource useful.

Download a pdf copy of the Code of Practice (PDF, 744KB)

This code of practice, which comes into force on 1 July 2016, provides a framework for the pastoral care of international students. This code is published by the Minister for Tertiary Education, Skills and Employment in accordance with Part 18A of the Education Act 1989.

The code imposes requirements on the code administrator and providers of educational instruction to international students that are signatories to the code (signatories). The requirements on the code administrator include those relating to receiving and assessing applications from providers seeking to become signatories to the code and publishing an annual report.

The requirements on signatories relate to—

  • marketing and promotion to prospective international students; and
  • managing and monitoring the agents acting on behalf of the signatories; and
  • supporting international students to make informed decisions regarding offers, enrolment and entering into contracts with signatories; and
  • ensuring adherence to the Immigration Act 2009; and
  • providing an appropriate and informative orientation programme; and
  • providing a safe, supportive environment for international students; and
  • ensuring that international students are informed about the advice and services that are available; and
  • managing the withdrawal of an international student or the closure of a course of educational instruction or signatory appropriately; and
  • providing access to procedures for dealing with grievances.

The code also provides a procedure for addressing complaints from international students that the code has been breached.

For a summary of the Code see the 2016 Code of Practice pamphlet.

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