Evaluation indicators for ITOs

Using the Tertiary Evaluation Indicators

Evaluators use the tertiary evaluation indicators to assist in the enquiry as they provide:

  • enquiry questions
  • relevant information and sources of evidence
  • a relationship between the outcomes achieved and the contributing processes and activities.

The tertiary evaluation indicators provide a basis for thinking about how quality and value may be identified. They allow a common understanding of what constitutes quality in the way industry training organisations (ITOs)  operate and the outcomes they achieve. Using the evaluation indicators supports a consistent approach to evaluation across all ITOs and assist evaluation teams in making robust judgements. Appendix Two contains a table showing how specific indicators can be used as prompts for the key evaluation questions.

The evaluation indicators were developed using systems modelling research. They are based on up-to-date research and experience in New Zealand and overseas. The indicators also include references to relevant educational research.

The information on evaluation indicators for ITOs as outlined in this section can also be found in the document, Evaluation indicators for industry training organisations (PDF, 64KB).

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