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Approval of programmes at levels 1-6 - overview

For a programme at levels 1-6 on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework (NZQF) to be approved, it must lead to a listed NZQF qualification and have a structure and components that allow learners to achieve the associated graduate profile.

It must also have an appropriate NZQF level, credit value and amount of learning, and be designed to meet the specific identified needs of learners.

It must show a progression of knowledge and skills and how the learning outcomes will be assessed.

This applies to programmes delivered by Te Pūkenga subsidiaries, wānanga and private training establishments or organised by transitional industry training organisations.

Further information

For more information on programme approval see:

Criteria for programme approval and accreditation

Meeting programme approval and accreditation criteria

Applications for programme approval and provider accreditation

Recognised transitional industry training organisations can develop industry training programmes that lead to qualifications listed on the NZQF. For more information see the industry training programme approval page.

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