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External evaluation and review - overview

External evaluation and review (EER) uses key questions directly addressing achievement, outcomes and key contributing processes to judge the quality of a tertiary education organisation (TEO). It comes to evidence-based conclusions about the quality and performance of the TEO and publishes a public report.

When NZQA detects issues, the evaluation finds the source and size of the problem.

Immediately prior to an EER, NZQA requires compliance declarations and gathers information on the TEO from other parts of the quality assurance system and from elsewhere.

The scope of an EER is designed to cover the strengths and weaknesses of the TEO.

NZQA evaluates the TEO’s educational performance and capability in self-assessment on-site and reports a level of confidence in each of these aspects.

The EER is published on the NZQA website.

Further information

For more information about the EER process see the external evaluation and review page.

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