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First Aid training requirements

Training requirements for quality provision of unit standard-based first aid training have been developed to outline requirements to training providers, learners, and employers for first aid training based on currently registered Skills Organisation unit standards.  These training requirements apply to all providers of Skills Organisation unit standards-based first aid training from 1 December 2010.

Minimum duration of training

The requirements include the minimum duration for both the initial and refresher training as follows:

  • for unit standards 6400, 6401 and 6402, a minimum of 12 hours training and assessment;
  • for unit standards 6401 and 6402 or 26551 and 26552, a minimum of 8 hours training and assessment;
  • for refresher training, where the learner's certificate is no older than two years and three months from date of issue, a minimum of six hours training and assessment.

Course content and reporting achievement

First aid training must cover the outcomes of The Skills Organisation first aid unit standards being assessed.

Unit standard achievement must be reported to NZQA and is recorded on the candidate’s Record of Achievement, maintained by NZQA.

First Aid trainer eligibility and qualifications

All trainers should have been active in first aid and/or employed as an occupational health and safety professional within the last three years and be competent to teach.  Detailed information on trainer eligibility and required qualifications is available on pages 7-9 of the training requirements document.

NZQA First Aid Training Requirements (PDF, 60KB)

Requirements for education organisations offering training assessed using The Skills Organisation unit standards

Education organisations providing training and assessment of The Skills Organisation first aid unit standards must be registered with NZQA and have consent to assess the first aid unit standards.

Education organisations with consent to assess unit standards 6400, 6401, 6402, 26551, 26552 and 25459 can be found on the First Aid page.


Any organisation or individual that undertakes the delivery and assessment of The Skills Organisation First Aid unit standards on behalf of another education organisation needs to be:

  • a direct employee of the registered education organisation, or
  • an NZQA-registered education organisation, or
  • part of an NZQA-approved sub-contracting arrangement.

Education organisations may use sub-contractors to deliver first aid training but must follow these rules:

(i) Where an institution (other than a university) proposes to use a sub-contractor to provide an approved programme, part of an approved programme, or a training scheme on the institution’s behalf, and the institution and the sub-contractor are both accredited to provide the programme (or part), the institution must notify NZQA of the sub-contracting arrangement prior to the programme (or part) being provided.

(ii) Where an institution (other than a university) proposes to use a sub-contractor to provide an approved programme, part of an approved programme, or a training scheme that the institution is accredited to provide, and the sub-contractor does not itself hold accreditation, the institution must apply to NZQA for approval to engage the sub-contractor prior to any provision of the programme (or part) by the sub-contractor.

Approved sub-contractors are not permitted to further sub-contract training for, or assessment against NZQA-approved standards.

Detailed information on subcontracting rules is available in the Training Scheme Rules 2012 and the NZQF Programme Approval and Accreditation Rules 2018.

Standards and moderation requirements

For information on the standards and moderation requirements, please refer to The Skills Organisation.

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