Tools and resources

Key Evaluation Questions

These questions are what external evaluation and review will try to answer. You may find them useful for your self-assessment activities or you may develop questions of your own.

Tertiary Evaluation Indicators

These indicators are merit criteria that will be used in the external evaluation to determine what ‘good may look like’. You may find them useful in your self-assessment activities.

Strengthening Organisational Self-Assessment

Self-assessment material can be found in the resource below.

Characteristics of high-performing organisations

Self-assessment is an integral part of continuous improvement in tertiary education. External evaluation and review is the process for quality assuring tertiary educational performance and self-assessment. These documents present NZQA's analysis of external evaluation and review reports to identify the characteristics of high-performing organisations.

This document shows the results of the first year of external evaluation and review, and looks at the connections between self-assessment and educational performance.

High-performing TEOs are clear and specific about their purpose, and develop programmes that reflect this. They also recognise the importance of community involvement in creating and disseminating knowledge.

This document presents the analysis of EER reports of PTEs that identified as Pasifika or made a unique contribution to a Pasifika community or learner cohort.

For industry training organisations

Links and references

You may find the following links and references useful and interesting reading.


These videos clips were developed in New Zealand from work with tertiary organisations and evaluators taking part in an external evaluation and review trial.


You may find the following fictional scenarios useful as examples of ways to develop evaluative thinking.

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