New Zealand Scholarship reviews

Applying for a New Zealand Scholarship review

Note: you cannot apply for a review for Visual Arts, however you may apply for a reconsideration. Applications for reconsideration using the review application form will not be processed. For information on the process to follow to apply for a reconsideration, see New Zealand Scholarship reconsiderations, or for more detailed information such as what to apply for and fees for New Zealand Scholarship reconsiderations, refer to Scholarship Results Publication.

Reconsideration deadline: Friday, 5 March 2021

How to apply:

  1. Download and print the personalised Request Review application form from your Learner Login
  3. Read the instructions on the form and complete the relevant sections. The form must be signed by the candidate or nominated person. (Note: Where an application is made by a nominated person, NZQA will require written advice from the candidate as authorisation).
  5. Include all booklets, portfolios, folders or schedules for which you are requesting a review. For New Zealand Scholarship Music you must include both your resource booklet as well as your portfolio.

Post your entire application by Friday, 5 March 2021 to:

New Zealand Scholarship Reviews
PO Box 160

If it is not received by NZQA by this date the application will not be processed.

How long does it take?

A review or reconsideration may take up to six weeks to process. If the outcome of your application might affect University Entrance, please let your chosen University know it may take four weeks for any updated results to become available.

For further information on the process to follow to apply for a review or a reconsideration, see Assessment (including Examination) Rules for Schools, or click here for more information relating to NCEA reconsideration and reviews.

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