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Dance assessment specification

Scholarship Performance Standard (93311) Dance
Method of assessment Portfolio submission
For year 2023

Format of the assessment

Evidence is to be presented as a portfolio consisting of:

  • recordings of the candidate's own choreography and performance
  • written and visual evidence submitted as a PDF file.

The recordings

  • The recordings will be produced as two mp4 files.
  • One file will be a recording of a 2- to 5-minute dance, choreographed by the candidate. This choreography must be a complete work. The choreography may be a solo, duet, or group dance, and may be work that has been assessed for Level 3 Dance achievement standards 91588 or 91589 (provided this choreography was not collaborative). 
  • The other file should contain a further total of 2–5 minutes of dance performance: one complete dance, or excerpts from one or more dances and/or dance genres, performed by the candidate. The performance(s) may be a solo, duet, or group dance, and may be performance work that has been assessed for Level 3 Dance achievement standards 91590, 91591, and/or 91592.
  • The dance performances should be recorded as one static camera long shot, front view, with minimal editing.

Written and visual evidence

The written and visual evidence:

  • must be submitted as a PDF file
  • will be limited to the equivalent of 18 single-sided A4 pages, inclusive of the introduction and contents pages (additional pages will not be assessed) with font size set at the rough equivalent of Arial 12
  • will consist of written reflection, and may include sketches, photographs, diagrams, etc.
  • will include an introductory page and a contents page, listing headings, and page numbers
  • must include reflections on choreographic processes and products (conceptualising, producing, and evaluating choreographic decisions – e.g. selecting a stimulus, developing a choreographic intention, choosing relevant technologies, deciding on movements and the use of dance elements to communicate the intention, choosing an appropriate style or styles, and choosing a method to produce movement)
  • must include reflections on performance processes and products (e.g. learning, practising, interpreting, refining movements, applying expressive qualities, and evaluating and working with aspects of technology that contribute to a performance).


The three aspects that are assessed for Scholarship are:

  • the choreography
  • the reflection on the choreography
  • the reflection on performance.

These all have equal weighting. The performance excerpts are not assessed but do provide a context for the reflections on performance.

Submission and authenticity requirements

Submission instructions and authenticity requirements for NZ Scholarship Dance will be available to schools in Term 3.

The non-recorded materials (written and visual) may be submitted as in previous years or as a digital file.

Dance resources

The links listed below are for resources to help teachers and students understand what is required for success in New Zealand Scholarship.

Performance standard

2022 material (ZIP, 38KB)

2020 material (ZIP, 102KB)

2019 material (ZIP, 32KB)

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