Assessment Report

New Zealand Scholarship
Samoan 2019

Standard 93010


Part A: Commentary

In Question 1, candidates were required to listen and respond to traditional Samoan ideas in relation to the cultural significance of the tuiga. Higher performing candidates demonstrated the ability to unpack the idiomatic expression Ua motu le pale fuiono on both a literal and figurative level.

In Question 2, candidate responses were widely varied, reflecting differences in the candidates’ level of knowledge and understanding of the Samoan artefact, the palefuiono, in Samoan culture, and their ability to articulate their ideas in response the text in English or te Reo.

Candidates who performed at Scholarship or Outstanding level distinguished themselves by articulately exploring the topics of palefuiono and tuiga in ways which showed original thinking, cultural sensitivity and highly developed written and oral competencies .


Part B: Report on performance standard

Candidates who were awarded Scholarship with Outstanding Performance, commonly:

  • demonstrated aspects of high-level analysis, critical thinking and reasoning
  • interpreted the stimulus material intelligently, logically, and coherently
  • developed and integrated sophisticated personal opinions, beliefs, viewpoints, or ideas that were perceptive, observant, intuitive, and insightful
  • interpreted and evaluated the stimulus material, creating constructive links with their own thoughts that went beyond the given material
  • demonstrated independent, unbiased reflections and hypotheses
  • expressed ideas with precision and clarity in a convincing way
  • spoke clearly and concisely with correct intonation; accent had no effect on communication; self-corrected as required.

Candidates who were awarded Scholarship, commonly:

  • demonstrated aspects of high-level analysis and critical thinking
  • elaborated and incorporated subjective views, standpoints, perspectives, or concepts
  • interpreted the stimulus material, creating constructive links with their own thoughts that progressed beyond the given material
  • constructed ideas precisely and clearly, within a synthesised response to the question or statement
  • supported arguments with examples that were evaluated
  • utilised language suitably, such as idiomatic expressions, fillers, pauses, and nuances built-in, relevant to the social context
  • expressed ideas with precision and clarity.

Other candidates

Candidates who were not awarded Scholarship, commonly:

  • expressed some personal opinions, viewpoints or ideas
  • demonstrated some independent thinking
  • presented a descriptive rather than an analytical response
  • offered arguments that were unclear and / or were not supported by effective examples
  • produced material in the Samoan language that was at times unclear, ambiguous, or misleading
  • communicated with limited confidence in a manner that was hesitant and failed to self-correct mistakes
  • spoke with incorrect intonation and / or an accent that affected communication.


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