Assessment Report

New Zealand Scholarship
Chinese 2019

Standard 93005

Part A: Commentary

It was pleasing to see many excellent candidate responses. Many candidates were able to refer to stimulus materials in their responses to questions of both speaking and writing sections. Successful candidates responded with critical reflections or strong arguments with effective evidence. Candidates demonstrated their ability and confidence in using languages both in speaking Chinese and in their written responses in both Chinese and English.

Part B: Report on performance standard

Candidates who were awarded Scholarship with Outstanding Performance commonly:

  • fully understood the stimulus materials from written texts and audio material
  • submitted well-structured written works and a speech with convincing points of view
  • responded in an analytical way
  • communicated with a wide variety of language skills and sophisticated expressions in Chinese
  • communicated with sophistication and style in a natural way both in English and Chinese
  • formed their own ideas based on and extended from stimulus materials
  • demonstrated insightful views
  • supported their arguments effectively and naturally with personal experience.

Candidates who were awarded Scholarship commonly:

  • displayed a good level of balanced Chinese and English skills in listening, reading, writing, and speaking
  • were able to address the listening and reading stimulus material in their responses
  • demonstrated reflective thinking skills and organised their work properly
  • used personal experience to support their arguments.

Candidates who were not awarded Scholarship commonly:

  • showed weak writing skills in both Chinese and English
  • did not have balanced language skills in the spoken and written Chinese and written English
  • did not relate to personal experience, or did so in an unnatural way
  • rephrased the stimulus material without any insightful personal input
  • failed to present ideas in a logical and convincing way
  • used limited vocabulary and expressions
  • had significant errors in their response in written Chinese, which hindered their communication.

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