Assessment Report

New Zealand Scholarship
Chinese 2018

Standard 93005

Part A: Commentary

 The overall response of candidates was at a good level, with many candidates capable of relating the information in their speaking and writing activities. However, candidates need to establish their own critical argument and collect evidence to support their point of view effectively in their responses. Candidates demonstrated confidence in speaking and their responses in English showed detailed planning.

Part B: Report on performance standard

Candidates who were awarded Scholarship with Outstanding Performance commonly:

  • demonstrated a high level of receptive and productive skills, both in Chinese and English
  • showed critical-thinking skills in their independent reflections
  • were able to respond in analytical, rather than descriptive, ways
  • addressed the key points clearly in their responses with convincing evidence from texts or their own experience
  • chose words and structures carefully to meet the requirements of this level of examination
  • demonstrated good time-management skills under examination conditions.

Candidates who were awarded Scholarship commonly:

  • displayed a very good level of balanced Chinese and English skills in listening, reading, writing and speaking
  • developed responses naturally from the listening and reading stimulus material
  • showed some reflective-thinking skills and organised their work properly
  • were able to understand the written and spoken language fully
  • related personal experiences well to support their point of view in a convincing way
  • demonstrated perception and insight, as well as independent reflections, although to varying degrees.

Candidates who were not awarded Scholarship commonly:

  • did not have full understanding of the source texts
  • did not show balanced language skills in all sections of the paper
  • rephrased the stimulus materials without insightful personal input
  • failed to present ideas in a logical and convincing way
  • used limited vocabulary and expressions in the written and oral responses
  • hindered communication by including significant Chinese writing errors.

Previous years' reports
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