Assessment Report

New Zealand Scholarship
Japanese 2018

Standard 93002

Part A: Commentary

Many candidates demonstrated a good understanding of the passages and engaged in some interesting discussion on a topic that appeared familiar to them. It is essential that candidates understand the scope and intent of the questions. Scholarship requires candidates to construct convincing, well-structured arguments that show insight, depth of understanding and independent thinking.

Part B: Report on performance standard

Candidates who were awarded Scholarship with Outstanding Performance commonly:

  • integrated their own insights and opinions throughout their responses
  • interpreted the stimuli material and demonstrated independent reflection
  • made direct references to the stimuli material throughout their response
  • supported their arguments with carefully evaluated evidence
  • presented their arguments with clarity and conviction.

Candidates who were awarded Scholarship commonly:

  • demonstrated independent thinking that went beyond the texts while ensuring that they referenced back to the text throughout
  • gave examples to support their opinions
  • showed a logic in what they were saying and communicated ideas effectively
  • confidently used curriculum level 8 language in Questions 1 and 3 to give an integrated response
  • showed planning and drafting before answering the questions
  • responded to the demands of the question, rather than giving a translation or a summary.

Other candidates

Candidates who were not awarded Scholarship commonly:

  • tended to give a summary of what they had heard or read
  • showed little evidence of going beyond what was in the stimuli material with little integration
  • lacked structure in their responses
  • spoke confidently and seemed quite familiar with the topic but did not interpret the listening and reading texts.


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