Assessment Report

New Zealand Scholarship
Te Reo Māori 2018

Standard 93003

Part A: Commentary

The Te Hiranga exam was made up of four parts – Pānui Aroā, Tuhituhi, Whakarongo and Kōrero. Each component shared a common theme throughout and provided ample opportunity for students to articulate their thoughts across the entire exam paper. The exam had depth, allowed for good scoping and purpose across all components.  It covered a wide range of language features and used a diverse range of Kīwaha. 

This year’s cohort demonstrated a good level of proficiency in Te Reo Māori in both the oral and written tasks.  All candidates should be recommended for their willingness to participate in this exam. 

Part B: Report on performance standard

Candidates who were awarded Scholarship with Outstanding Performance commonly:

  • Inā noa te pai o te māramatanga ki tā rātou i pānui ai, i tuhi ai, i rongo ai, i kōrero ai. Puea ake ana te motuhaketanga o ngā whakāro huhua noa, he rawe ki te whakairo kupu – ā waha,  tuhi me ngā taunakitanga e tika ana, ā, e Māori ana te rere o te reo i te mata o te waha, i te mata hoki o te pene.
  • were able to give a thorough comprehensive analysis across all sections of the given exam. They exemplified a high level of fluency of language comprehension and verbal articulation in given contexts and this was evident throughout all sections of the exam paper.  

Candidates who were awarded Scholarship commonly:

  • E mārama ana ki tā rātou i pānui ai, i tuhi ai, i rongo ai, i kōrero ai. Puea ake ana ngā whakāro huhua noa me ngā taunakitanga, ā, e Māori tonu ana te rere o te reo ā tuhi, aa waha hoki.
  • demonstrated a comprehensive understanding across all tasks and portrayed some high levels of thinking and analysis in parts of the exam. They used a good range of language and structure, however, lacked the ability to fully enhance their ideas with further supporting evidence and language features.  

Other candidates

Candidates who were not awarded Scholarship commonly:

  • E mārama ana ki ētehi o ngā horopaki pānui, tuhituhi, whakarongo, kōrero, heoi, kāore i whānui ake i tā rātou i whakaputa ai ā tuhi, ā waha hoki. He iti noa te puna reo, he iti anō hoki te puna whakāro. Ko ētehi kāore i whānui te titiro ki ngā tikanga tuhituhi, tikanga kōrero hoki.
  • lacked a comprehensive understanding across the entire exam. Some candidates did not attempt all parts of this exam, along with the lack of ability to develop ideas and to provide sustenance to some ideas composed. 


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