Scholarship sculpture exemplars - 2009

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This submission is incredibly well executed. Each sculptural work has been made with attention to detail that is appropriate to the concept and context in which the work operates. In evidence at all times is an original voice – this can be seen in the broad range of works included on the portfolio and experimental works in the workbook. The central proposition is about the idea of control, utilising the formal elements of scale and the miniature as an integral conceptual vehicle in the production of work. Embedded into this is a narrative that incorporates ideas of capture and escape to set up sculptural scenarios of containment. The topic has been effectively managed through the sensitive use of media, materials and processes that not only exploit sculptural conventions but also present unexpected outcomes.

Sculpture and installation work has been well documented to represent the three-dimensional qualities of the work. It is also good to see resolved propositions presented in the form of drawings on the portfolio. These reinforce the lateral approach that is inherent in all of the work presented. Established practice is referred to and absorbed as appropriate. The candidate has clearly taken charge of their investigation and has been able to synthesise artistic references intelligently.

Technically, this is an accomplished sculptural enquiry. Colour has been used as a signifier to alert the audience to focal objects and specific visual and conceptual relationships. A significant body of work has been presented on the portfolio. The candidate has developed a number of different bodies of work with each tackling a new avenue of thinking. The workbook includes three pages of further options; each offering lateral possibilities to the central focus of the work presented on the portfolio. It is good to see the candidate has maintained restraint in their selection of work for the portfolio, whilst also presenting inventive and interesting alternatives in the workbook.



This submission has employed a playful approach in the pursuit of a strong process-based enquiry based on a central object (the typewriter), and ideas of sounds, information and old and new technologies. From the outset the candidate has been engaged in making and exploiting contemporary sculptural practices to construct works that recontextualise incorporated ready-made objects with other found materials and surfaces. Inventive approaches have been employed that utilise formal conventions and imaginative ways of handling media to extend ideas.

There is an apparent understanding of fundamental sculptural language evident in the manipulation of materials and objects, which is revealed through sculptures that integrate relationships such as planar vs. linear, solid vs. fragmentary and so on. Experimentation is inherent in the execution of each separate work, an aspect that encourages a sense of inventiveness; for example, something being dismantled or growing out of its own form. This strategy has been used consistently throughout and generates new ways to develop on from the last idea.

The work has been well documented to represent the various qualities of each work. It is important that sculptural work can be viewed in its entirety and in context of its three-dimensional qualities. The workbook is very thorough and has been comprehensively prepared. It presents a dense body of research, visual thinking and intelligent investigation. It is clear that the research has occurred simultaneous to the practice. There has been an ingenious approach to this enquiry, reflected in the integrity of process and application of sculptural language, as evidenced in the resolved work on the portfolio and in the workbook.

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