Entrance to Australian universities

Each year in early January, NCEA level 3 results for students seeking entry to Australian universities are aggregated and converted to a percentile scale called the Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR). This information is then provided to the Tertiary Admissions Centres and allows New Zealand students to be treated equitably with Australian students for tertiary entry and selection purposes.

If you apply for admission to study at a university in Australia, NZQA will release your secondary school qualification results directly to your selected Australian universities or tertiary institutions.

How do I apply?

If you...

then you must...

are a New Zealand citizen or Australian resident

apply to the relevant Tertiary Admissions Centre or university

are an international or foreign fee paying student who has studied in New Zealand if you are applying to... then send your application to...
a university in NSW or the ACT the University Admission Centre (UAC).
any other Australian university in general check with the institution first about how to apply
The UAC or Tertiary Admissions Centre then contacts NZQA to request the release of your Results Record.

Completion of NCEA Level 3 is the equivalent of completing the standard Australian Year 12 programme. Please check the application requirements of your selected universities carefully, particularly the requirements for completing an English course at an appropriate level. Some Australian universities require equivalent final secondary year study in English.

If you have completed NCEA Level 3, or are in your final year of NCEA Level 3 study and expect to gain University Entrance:

  • ensure that you tell your school that you will allow your results information to be released to tertiary institutions. Failure to do so will prevent your results record from being released.
  • provide your New Zealand National Student Number (NSN) when applying. Please take care to ensure that this is accurate.

The Tertiary Admissions Centre or university that you have applied to, will request NZQA to release your Results Record. You do not need to contact NZQA to send a copy of your Results Record.

In early January of the year following the completion of your Level 3 external examinations, NZQA will release your Results Record direct to the Tertiary Admissions Centre or university requesting your results.

Note: NZQA strives to achieve the earliest possible release date of annual NCEA assessment results. However, the results release date of the New Zealand assessment cycle may not always satisfy the first round cut-off dates of all the Tertiary Admissions Centres. NZQA works closely with the Tertiary Admissions Centres to agree on a release date that best meets the NZQA marking requirements and the Tertiary Admissions Centres' cut-off dates.

What will NZQA send?

NZQA sends an electronic copy of your individual Results Record to the tertiary institution requesting them:

  • Australian Tertiary Admissions Centres, who work on behalf of all the universities within their state/territory
  • the University of Tasmania

This individual Results Record and other information enables applicants from New Zealand to be considered fairly against applicants from Australian states.

Note: In general, for your application to be considered:

  • you must achieve New Zealand University Entrance 
  • your results from your best 90 Level 3 credits are used to calculate your ATAR score with precedence given to standards in subjects on the University Entrance approved list.

Are there any charges?

There is no charge made if your Results Record is sent on the request of an Australian Tertiary Admissions Centre or universities.

However, NZQA applies a charge to any applicants requesting NZQA to fax or post their results to an Australian university.

Mid-year admission

To apply for mid-year admission at a university in Australia, the above process is the same except you will need to:

  • complete a mid-year entrance application with the relevant Tertiary Admissions Centre or university
  • supply a copy of your Record of Achievement (ROA) with your application. Alternatively, NZQA can supply a copy of your ROA directly to the Australian university of your choice.

The Tertiary Admissions Centre or university may request NZQA to supply confirmation of your results.

NZQA will answer any requests for supporting information direct from Australian Universities within two (2) business days direct to the Tertiary Admissions Centre or university.


Information on how and when to apply for each state is available from the websites listed below. Please check the information about participating institutions and key dates for submissions on each Admission Centre website.


Name of Admissions Centre

State covered

Contact details

Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre Ltd


Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre Ltd
PO Box 1331
Queensland 4064
Phone +61 7 3858 1222

South Australian Tertiary Admissions Centre

South Australia

Northern Territory

South Australian Tertiary Admissions Centre
104 Frame Street
South Australia 5000
Phone +61 8 8224 4000

Tertiary Institutions Service Centre

Western Australia

Tertiary Institutions Service Centre
100 Royal St
East Perth
Western Australia 6004
Phone +61 8 9318 8000

Universities Admissions Centre

New South Wales

Note: UAC works on behalf of all of the universities in New South Wales (NSW) and the Australian Capital Territory (ACT)

Universities Admissions Centre
Locked Bag 112
New South Wales 2128
Phone +61 2 9752 0200

University of Tasmania


University of Tasmania
Private Bag 45
Tasmania 7001
Phone +61 3 6226 2999

Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre


Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre
40 Park Street
South Melbourne
Victoria 3205
Phone +61 3 9926 1020 

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