Applying for an IQA for immigration purposes

If you are applying for an IQA to support your application with Immigration New Zealand, please be sure to refer to the flowchart below before applying. The flowchart will help you determine whether you require an IQA, and if you need to select the Skill Shortage List Assessment Add-On when you apply. 

IMPORTANT: If you are applying under an Immigration New Zealand Skill Shortage List, please download the skill shortage PDF list from the Immigration New Zealand website as you will need to refer to the Occupation Group column shown in the downloaded PDF document for the flowchart below. The online Skill Shortage List Checker tool on Immigration New Zealand's website does not show the Occupation Group. 

Flowchart Immigration 191205.2


Skill Shortage Lists (SSL)
The Skill Shortage Lists (SSL) are lists published by Immigration New Zealand of occupations where there is a shortage in New Zealand. If you are applying to Immigration New Zealand under an occupation in one of these lists, you may need to select the Skill Shortage List Assessment Add-On when applying for an IQA. Refer to the flowchart above to determine if you need the Add-On.

List of Qualifications Exempt from Assessment (LQEA)
LQEA refers to Immigration New Zealand’s List of Qualifications Exempt from Assessment. If your qualification is on this list, you may not need an IQA for immigration purposes, except if you are applying under a Skill Shortage List. Refer to the flowchart above to determine what you need to apply for (if anything).

What Next?

Once you have referred to the flowchart above and taken note of whether you require the Skill Shortage List Assessment Add-On for your IQA, click below.

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