Overseas Study Assessment (OSA)

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An Overseas Study Assessment (OSA) is needed if you are applying to the Inland Revenue (IR) to have the interest written off of your New Zealand student loan for the duration of your overseas study.

The process will take up to 20 working days from receipt of a complete application and costs NZD178. 

Application Purposes

The OSA is for New Zealand residents who have completed study overseas. It provides New Zealand student loan borrowers a statement that indicates what level on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework (NZQF) their overseas qualification is comparable to. The OSA also confirms that the programme of study is recognised in the country in which it is offered.

You will need an OSA when applying for a Student Loan Interest Exemption with IR. To be eligible for the interest exemption you will need to show that your overseas qualification is the equivalent of at least Level 7 (e.g., a bachelor's degree) on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework (NZQF). 

Read more about Student Loan Interest Exemption at IRD

About the OSA

You do not need to request an OSA if you are going on an overseas exchange programme through your New Zealand university. NZQA cannot assess language courses completed at overseas universities.

Your overseas study must meet NZQA's definition of a qualification, this means the study is:

  • offered by a recognised provider of higher education in the country in which it is awarded, and
  • a minimum of 400 notional learning hours (approximately one semester of study), and 
  • a complete programme of learning.

You will receive an electronic statement of your OSA results. The results will indicate whether your qualification could be recognised. If the qualification could be recognised, the statement will include comparison to a level on the NZQF.

You can then forward the statement to IR and they can verify the results online.

Read more information on Levels on the NZQF.

Visit the verification page to upload an OSA statement.

Next Steps

The OSA form can be completed online and you do not need to submit any documentation. Include detailed information, such as information on prior study. Only one qualification can be assessed as part of the application. You may be contacted for further information. 

Before you apply: 

  • Be sure that the OSA is the correct assessment that you need. If you are unsure about whether you need an OSA, please contact IR directly, and
  • Have all the relevant information about your overseas programme of study, including the name of the programme in English and the original language (if applicable), and
  • Remember to keep you NZQA user login details handy as this is how you can access information about your application and its outcome.


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