Mandatory review of Manaaki Marae - Marae Hospitality qualifications

Manaaki Marae newApproved for Listing

The Governance Group and NZQA Māori Qualifications Services are pleased to confirm that in June 2015 four new Manaaki Marae mātauranga Māori qualifications were approved for listing on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework (NZQF).

The following qualifications can now be accessed through the NZQA website links below or by searching for the qualification reference number or title.

The qualifications are:

As a result of this review, the National Certificate in Marae Catering (Level 2) [Ref: 1165] has now been designated as expiring and has been replaced by the New Zealand Certificate in Manaaki Marae – Te Kāuta, Te Wharekai (Kaupae 2) [Ref: 2435].  Please refer to the change report for more information.

What next?

Now that these qualifications are listed, providers will need to obtain programme approval and provider accreditation to deliver an approved programme before they can offer the new qualifications.


Needs Analysis

Needs Analysis (April 2013) (PDF, 649KB)


All the qualifications were approved for further development on 7 October 2013, with an overall rating of He Pounamu Kahurangi (Excellent).

Qualifications in Food and Hospitality at Levels 1-6 (excluding university qualifications), were reviewed as part of the nation-wide mandatory review of qualifications.

Included under Food and Hospitality is Manaaki Marae - Marae Hospitality.  Currently there is only one qualification in Marae Catering (the National Certificate in Marae Catering (Level2) [Ref: 1165]).

NZQA Māori Qualifications Services (MQS), as developer of this qualification, asked for expressions of interest to form a Governance/Working group of representatives from the secondary, tertiary and hospitality sectors, and marae.  The Governance/Working group were asked to develop a new suite of qualifications for Manaaki Marae – Marae Hospitality based on the strategic need for them (as identified in the Needs Analysis (PDF, 649KB)).  The involvement of such a group was vital to ensure that any qualifications developed are useful, relevant and valuable to current and future learners, employers, and other stakeholders.

This Governance/Working group confirmed that the Manaaki Marae qualifications were to be quality assured under the Mātauranga Māori Evaluative Quality Assurance (MM EQA) process (which acknowledges that a distinctive approach is required in order to quality assure mātauranga Māori qualifications).  As such, this suite of qualifications were developed using kaupapa Māori.

Completed activities


Information only. Feedback on these documents has now closed.

PublishedConsultation documents
Closed 2 May 2014

Manaaki Marae - Te Kāuta, Te Wharekai (Kaupae 2) (DOC, 81KB)
Manaaki Marae - Te Nihowera, Te Ringawera (Kaupae 3) (DOC, 79KB)
Manaaki Marae - Te Whāngai Tangata (Kaupae 4) (DOC, 78KB)
Manaaki Marae - Te Hāpai Ō Ki Muri (Kaupae 5) (DOC, 76KB)

Closed 26 April 2013 New Zealand Certificate in Manaaki Marae - Te Kāuta (Level 2) (DOC, 30KB)
New Zealand Certificate in Manaaki Marae - Te Kāuta (Level 3) (DOC, 35KB)
New Zealand Certificate in Manaaki Marae - Te Kāuta (Level 4) (DOC, 32KB)
New Zealand Diploma in Manaaki Marae - Te Kāuta (Level 5) (DOC, 31KB)

Contact for the qualifications 

If you have any questions about the newly listed Manaaki Marae qualifications, please email Māori Qualifications Services.

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