Mandatory Review of Ngā Toi Māori Background


It is important that all stakeholders with an interest in the outcome of these qualifications participate in the review to ensure the qualifications meet the requirements of their workforce, industry and/or community.

  1. The Ngā Toi Māori review for qualifications that specifically focus on the needs and aspirations of whānau, hapū, iwi and hapori Māori, and include qualifications with a strong focus on:
    1. Māori Performing Arts
    2. Mau Rākau
    3. Whakairo
    4. Ngā Mahi a Te Whare Pora
    5. Ngā Toi Ataata
    6. Currently there are 41 Ngā Toi Māori qualifications in the review scope.
  2. The Performing Arts qualification review, Stage I (through to 'Approval to Develop') led by Whitireia Polytechnic and Stage II (through 'Approval to List') led by Skills Active ITO; and
  3. The Creative Arts qualification review, led by National Qualification Services (NZQA)

To aid coherency and co-ordination, the reviews will occur concurrently with links maintained between the three streams and their decision-making and working groups.

Current qualification owners have the choice to opt into the most appropriate “stream” to have their qualification(s) reviewed.

Developing an approach to the review

The initial stages of the review of the mātauranga Māori qualifications in Ngā Toi Māori review were led in a collaboration between Māori Qualifications Services (NZQA) and Te Whare Wānanga o Awanuiārangi.

The outcome will be a complete review of qualifications, training outcomes, career pathways and community outcomes for the sectors through the mandatory review of these qualifications.

We have worked collaboratively to develop an approach to the review that ensures that the development of qualifications has met the needs of the sector, whānau, hapū, iwi, and communities.

The Governance Group was established to:

  • provide strategic advice and guidance to ensure Mātauranga Māori and Sector needs are met and enduring qualifications developed
  • critically analyse developments and endorse workgroup submissions
  • provide final endorsement of the qualifications.

Initial stakeholder hui

As a starting point for the Ngā Toi Māori qualifications review, Māori Qualifications Services (NZQA) facilitated a hui in Auckland in October 2012 with qualification owners, experienced practitioners, education providers, and other stakeholders to discuss the approach and structure for the review and development of qualifications in this stream.  

Follow-up hui were then held on 25 January 2013, attended mainly by Māori Performing Arts stakeholders, and 28 February 2013 for the Whakairo and Ngā Mahi a Te Whare Pora stakeholders.

A proposal outlining the options discussed was distributed for wider consultation in April.  A decision was made based on the feedback received.

Minutes of initial stakeholder hui

Review structure proposal

Proposal for the structure of the review (PDF, 164KB)

Proposed Ngā Toi Māori Landscape

The Governance Group proposed the suite of qualifications to be tikanga Māori based and provided the opportunity for Ngā Toi Māori skills and knowledge to be maintained and flourish within whānau, hapū, iwi and hapori Māori. The qualifications development also acknowledged the need to support graduates with their career aspirations where possible. All of the qualifications were designed to support delivery within a kaupapa Māori context.

Proposed Landscape

Ngā Toi Māori Qualification Landscape (DOC, 124KB)

He korero ano

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