Mandatory Review of Ngā Toi Māori – Māori Creative and Performing Arts Qualifications

Approved for Listing

The National Certificate in Ngā Mahi ā te Whare Pora (Pae Tuatahi) (Level 2) [Ref: 0705] has been designated expiring and is not being replaced.

For more information, please download the Review of Ngā Mahi ā te Whare Pora qualifications change report.

Approved for Listing

Māori Qualifications Services (MQS) is pleased to advise that in August 2016 the following Ngā Toi mātauranga Māori qualifications were approved for listing on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework (NZQF) with an overall rating of He Pounamu Kahurangi (PDF, 660KB).

  • New Zealand Certificate in Ngā Toi (Level 3) [Ref: 2789]
  • New Zealand Certificate in Ngā Toi (Level 4) [Ref: 2790]
  • New Zealand Diploma in Ngā Toi (Level 5) [Ref: 2791]
  • New Zealand Diploma in Ngā Toi (Level 6) [Ref: 2792]

The qualification documents will be published mid-September and will be accessible by searching for the qualification reference number or title.

Now that these qualifications are listed, providers will need to obtain programme approval or provider accreditation to deliver an approved programme before they can offer the new qualifications.

We thank all stakeholders and individuals for their commitment to this process and contribution in the development of these qualifications.

If you wish to make contact regarding the Ngā Toi review, please email Māori Qualifications Services.


Outcome of consultation on proposed qualifications

The consultation on the proposed qualifications carried out between 27 November and 12 December 2014 has now closed.

'Approval to Develop' application outcome

The proposed suite of five new mātauranga Māori qualifications developed in the review of the Ngā Toi Māori qualifications was submitted for 'Approval to Develop' on 18 March 2014.

With the exception of the Level 2 qualification, the application was approved for further development on 29 July 2014, with an overall rating of He Pounamu Whakairo (PDF, 660KB). The Level 2 qualification requires further work and will need to be resubmitted for 'approval to develop'.

Issues raised in the ‘Approval to Develop’ evaluation report were discussed by the Governance Group and have now been addressed. This stage also included the development of the qualification specifications and consistency arrangements.

Collection of evidence of support

During Stage II of the mandatory review process, we will also continue to collate the evidence of support from stakeholders. Those who have been involved in the review process have been asked to submit an attestation form (NZQF 4) and each qualification owner has been asked to complete a change of status form (NZQF 6). If you have been involved, or are a qualification owner, and have not received a form to complete, please email


18 March 2014

Draft qualifications for Approval to Develop

New Zealand Certificate in Ngā Toi (Level 2) (DOCX, 20KB)

New Zealand Certificate in Ngā Toi (Level 3) (DOCX, 27KB)

New Zealand Certificate in Ngā Toi (Level 4) (DOCX, 27KB)

New Zealand Diploma in Ngā Toi (Level 5) (DOCX, 27KB)

New Zealand Diploma in Ngā Toi (Level 6) (DOCX, 23KB)

March 2014

Needs Analysis report (PDF, 416KB)

This report has been compiled to inform the decisions of the Governance Group when designing the future range of Ngā Toi qualifications. It is a living document and will be added to as the review progresses.

If you wish to provide feedback or contribute to the Needs Analysis report, please respond by email to

February 2014

Governance Group Notes - 13 February 2014 (DOC, 1.7MB)


Information only. Feedback on these documents has now closed.

Published Consultation document
Closed 12 Dec 2014 New Zealand Certfiicate in Ngā Toi (Level 3) (DOC, 103KB)
New Zealand Certfiicate in Ngā Toi (Level 4) (DOC, 109KB)
New Zealand Diploma in Ngā Toi (Level 5) (DOC, 107KB)
New Zealand Diploma in Ngā Toi (Level 6) (DOC, 114KB)
Closed 20 Jan 2014 Consultation document (DOC, 2.4MB)
Closed 16 Aug 2013 Proposed landscape (DOC, 106KB)

Have an input

We are still keen to have as many people as possible know of this review.  Please discuss this kaupapa with others in your whānau, hapū and iwi to decide how your voice can best be heard during Stage II of this review.

Updates will be posted on this website.

If you wish to receive e-mail updates, and/or make contact regarding the Ngā Toi Māori review, please email  We welcome questions, ideas, contributions towards the needs analysis, and expressions of interests in being involved.



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