Background to the Mandatory Review of Teacher Education Qualifications

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July 2014 Consultation

November-December 2014 Consultation

May-June 2015 Consultation - Education Support and Care (Level 3) and Adult and Tertiary Teaching (Level 5)

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Qualifications in Teacher Education were scheduled for review in the first quarter of 2014 as part of the nationwide mandatory review of qualifications. Preparation for the review was co-led by Ako Aotearoa, Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology (CPIT) and NZQA National Qualifications Services. Qualifications included in this review were listed in the review schedule for 2014.

Sector engagement

A preliminary needs analysis was undertaken for qualifications for tertiary teachers. This drew on earlier work commissioned by Ako Aotearoa in 2010 and published in the report Taking Stock.

Sector hui were held in Wellington, Christchurch and Auckland during early December 2013, principally for current qualification owners. This was an opportunity to engage with the draft needs analysis and provide input into the planning of the review.

As the qualifications in the Teacher Education review cover a range of disciplines, the Governance Group decided that the qualifications would be grouped under two areas.

  • Adult and Tertiary Teaching (ATT)
  • Education Specialisation and Support (ESS)

Separate needs analyses were then developed for ESS, as well as for Mātauranga Māori qualifications in the ATT area. They can be found on the main review page, Mandatory review of Teacher Education qualifications levels 2-6.

Consultation feedback on proposed Teacher Education (TEd) Qualifications

The Teacher Education Qualifications Review Governance Group appreciates the time and thoughtful feedback received on all the proposed qualifications. Consideration was given to all feedback received in each consultation round. However, due to the amount of feedback, we were unable to respond individually to every comment. The collation and summary of feedback for each consultation round took account of key issues and common themes. These were used to refine and develop the qualifications further. The feedback summaries for each consultation round can also be found on the main review page.

Outcome of Approval to Develop

The initial Approval to Develop process resulted in all but three qualifications being approved for development. It was found that the New Zealand Certificate in Education Support and Care (Level 3), Aotearoa Certificate in Mātauranga Māori (Level 5), and Aotearoa Certificate in Mātauranga Māori (Level 6) required further evidence of stakeholder consultation and support. The qualifications have since been resubmitted and approved for development.

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