School Results Summary

A School Results Summary (SRS) is a transcript of all results a student has gained for both internally and externally assessed standards while at senior secondary school. It also shows any national qualifications and endorsements, University Entrance and Scholarships achieved up until the time at which the student left school, as well as a summary of credits by course/subject and level.

The SRS differs from the New Zealand Record of Achievement as follows:

New Zealand Record of Achievement School Results Summary

Lists all standards that have been achieved

Lists all the standards that have been achieved and includes those with a Not Achieved result.

Orders standards by:

- Subfield

- Within a subfield, learners can display the order of standards by Date Achieved (Ascending and Descending), Standard Number, and Level. 

Orders standards by:

- Academic year

- Course

- Level

- Standard Number

Has no credit summary

Tabulates credits by level, result and subject

An official transcript

An unofficial transcript (as of April 2014)

Changes to the School Results Summary

From April 2014, NZQA ceased the production of official copies of the SRS. Students can now print an unofficial copy of their SRS themselves, anytime, by:

  • Logging in to the NZQA Learner login
  • Clicking on the pdf icon in the "My School Entries and Results" screen
  • Printing the School Results Summary pdf.

For an official transcript of their achievements, students need to obtain a copy of their New Zealand Record of Achievement. They can do this by:

Logging into the Learner login and saving a free electronic copy of their record. 

Ordering a hard copy online, either through the Learner login or by filling in an application form (PDF, 314KB)

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