TEO issue of New Zealand qualification documents

Some tertiary education organisations (TEOs) are now able to award and issue New Zealand qualifications listed at levels 1-6 on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework (NZQF).

These TEOs include qualification developers, industry training organisations (ITOs), and providers (institutes of technology, polytechnics, wānanga, private training establishments and government training establishments) with accreditation to deliver a programme leading to a New Zealand qualification.

TEOs gained these rights and responsibilities in April 2011, when NZQA established the rules for listing a qualification at levels 1-6 on the NZQF.

Printing qualification documents

NZQA has guidelines detailing what must appear on New Zealand certificates and diplomas. See the New Zealand Certificate/Diploma Specifications (PDF, 230KB) for more information.

ITOs can print their own qualification documents using the printing guidelines above.

Other TEOs can print their own qualification documents using the above printing guidelines, where permitted under the NZQF qualification specification. (New Zealand qualification listed at levels 1-6 have a qualification specification that lists mandatory and optional conditions for programmes leading to the qualification.)

Where the qualification specification allows, qualification printing guidelines will be issued to TEOs when NZQA grants accreditation for programmes of study (for providers) and approval of programmes of training (for ITOs).

Qualification printing guidelines will also be issued to qualification developers when their qualification is approved for listing on the NZQF.

Options for TEOs

NZQA encourages TEOs to exercise their new rights and responsibilities. However, some TEOs will not have the capacity to award qualifications or issue qualification documents.

This will include ITOs that offer programmes leading to New Zealand qualifications where assessment occurs wholly against assessment standards on the Directory of Assessment Standards.

In these cases, following a request by a TEO, NZQA can:

  • Undertake a QualCheck
  • Record qualification completion on the New Zealand Record of Achievement (NZRoA)
  • Print a qualification document, if required.

This option retains the status quo where it is the TEO’s preference.

Reasons for TEO issue of qualification documents

Enabling TEOs to issue qualification documents streamlines the awarding of qualifications. The right to award and issue New Zealand qualifications also reflects the increased flexibility recommended by the Targeted Review of Qualifications (TRoQ).

Qualification credibility continues to be supported through NZQA’s established quality assurance requirements, including approval and accreditation, external evaluation and review, moderation of standards, and the roll-out of the new qualification consistency arrangements.

No change to NZRoA and Tertiary Education Commission reporting

The NZRoA will continue to record the achievement of standards and the completion of qualifications wholly assessed by standards. NZQA will also continue to report standard and qualification completions to the Tertiary Education Commission for ITO trainees.

Long-term developments

Programmes leading to New Zealand qualifications can be developed in different ways to meet the outcomes expressed in the qualification graduate profile.

In the long term, government agencies (including NZQA and the Tertiary Education Commission) are developing a register of all programme components to support a new system currently known as Tertiary Learner Event Collection (TLEC).

Once the new collection system and underlying database are in place, NZQA will consider the potential value of a universal RoA that would record all programme components. In turn, this could support the issue of qualifications based on any approved programme leading to an NZQF qualification at levels 1-6.

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